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Brian's Money Back Guarantee

Before we get into discussing what we and our Money Back Guarantee ARE about, lets clear up what we are NOT about:

  • We are NOT going to make you any false promises

  • We are NOT going to convince you, that you will be a world class rider, or have a world class performance horse in 30 days, or 60, or 90.....it may take years to get there!

  • We are NOT going to promise you, that your horse will NEVER develop a problem again

  • We are NOT going to use any type of pain to train our horses. Not a painful bit, and no riding crops at the Beginner Levels. The old cliche “NO PAIN/NO GAIN is OUT!

  • We are NOT going to try and convince you that our way is the only way.

Now, that we cleared that up, here is what we do promise:

  • We ARE going to build up your confidence and that of your horse, through consistent and gentle teaching.

  • We ARE going to teach you and your horse the benefits of a true partnership.

  • We ARE going to teach how to solve problems and differentiate between myth and reality.

  • We ARE going to be SAFE and HONEST with our students and their horses.

  • We ARE going to improve our horsemanship, care, and relationship with our equine family members

Now, you have a basic idea of what will and will NOT happen when we get together with our horses. We cannot and will not promise that your horse will be perfect when it leaves our training program, but we do promise that you will see a difference in the relationship with your horse, in his performance, and YOUR ability to move forward with a solid foundation of safety and TEACH your horse to become better and more consistent.

Of course, all this can only happen with YOUR participation. The best training in the world will NOT work, if you don’t know how to build on the solid foundation we will give your horse. Therefore, our Money-Back-Guarantee will ONLY apply if YOU participate at least 4 hours every two weeks in the training of your horse. Remember, the more YOU can participate, the better off you and your horse will be in the long run.

If, at any time during the training period, you feel that your horse is not any better than he was at the beginning of the training period, we will gladly refund your money, however, you will still be responsible for the board and any other non-training related expenses accumulated during your horse’s stay in our program, such as farrier, de-worming or vet bills.

So, these are the facts of our Money-Back-Guarantee. We appreciate your business and are looking forward to be of service to you and your magnificent horse!

Happy Trails,



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